Finished my website (almost)

So I decided to build my website myself rather than pay someone to do it for me! Now I am not sure if this was my best decision or not!!!

I’m joking… after only a couple of swear words when my computer crashed and I googled what a widget was for the 65th time I managed to build it, taught myself how to use it and now I feel much more proud than if I had just paid for it. Its all a type of thriving?

So what do you think? Please excuse the grammar and spelling mistakes. I will hopefully go back over these with a patient friend, or maybe that is a job for my supportive Mum.

My  blog page has been a little quiet, a bit boring. Sorry but I hadn’t told anyone the address to my website yet, and I don’t want to write to myself totally.

Now everything is starting to come along nicely, my website, youtube, instagram, facebook page. @comethrivewithemma (lots of social media for me to remember to do) Now Just missing is the followers….. this is where I  need your help. So please follow and subscribe to see my videos and my story on overcoming emetophobia.4eqw52-l-610x610-bag-pillow-emoji-smile-smileyfacepillow-emojipillows-smileyface

Anyway….. thanks for reading the start to Come Thrive With Emma

Lots of love




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